Stimulate Hair Growth


In Morocco, Argan Oil is extracted from the Argan tree and is applied in a number of cosmetic products and medical equipment. In Sahara Desert and because of its very low specific surface, Argan oil is one of the rarest oils in the world. Through a unique  combination of fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamin E, the beauty experts in recent years has been called Argan oil as liquid gold. One of argan oil benefits is to avoid the youth of the folds of the skin, to keep the UV rays and protects the skin from moisture evaporates, keeping skin hydrated and healthy.

With this knowledge, the experts came up with names such as “liquid gold” of products for hair that has clearly been a miracle cure for hair. This powerful possibility, which evaporates the moisture, hydrates the hair to improve the brightness and heal damage, has been seen as a true God’s gift.

As you know, we can all have an imbalance of fatty acids; dry / scaly skin, brittle nails and dry hair and so on. For example, Argan oil is ideal if you’re struggling when your hair is very curly, dry or with split ends.
Vitamin E is crucial in our health and that includes hair.

With an increase in oxygen consumption, including blood circulation to the scalp, vitamin E ultimately stimulates hair growth. Also, fatty acids are important elements for skin, nails and hair, but often, the body does not produce enough of it.

As you can imagine, as a hairstylist who actually observes different types of hair throughout the course of the day, I have the opportunity to chat with clients. Level of bad quality hair is simply staggering. Stress, bad foods and low quality hair products have imminent influence on our appearance. This is really where Argan oil kicks in with a natural infusion of vitamin E to support and stimulate hair growth.

The best benefit of Argan oil is to use it after shampooing and conditioning, with hair still half wet (towel dried). This is the perfect time for styling where Argan Oil can also help to extend the color and prevent fading.

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